Facts about our Board Member for Internal Affairs

  • Ruben Bösche
  • Member of the Board for Internal Affairs (Personnel Management and Finance & Law)
  • 22 years young
  • M. Sc. industrial engineer in his 6th semester
  • Member of Janus for one year

Q: How was your start as an Internal Affairs Director?

A: Thanks to the great handovers of my three predecessors, I was able to start directly into the day-to-day business. I was well prepared and have been working daily for several weeks now to develop myself into the person who can develop our club further and get even more out of the potential than before. I am looking forward to a successful, instructive and above all fun year with my board team and the entire club.

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Q: What goals have you set yourself for your time on the board?

A: The most important goal of my office should always be to keep member satisfaction at the highest level. Our members are our most important stakeholders. I want to give everyone the chance to make the most of themselves, and that only works when all circumstances are perfect. I also want to give members the opportunity to develop themselves by offering exciting training opportunities.

Q: Why is now the right time for you to become a board member?

A: I am in the fourth semester of my master’s degree. My plan is to finish this in six semesters. In other words, I have about a year left to take more out of my studies than just a degree. For me, at the end of my studies, the board position offers me one last chance to learn something completely new and gain new experience that I can’t get anywhere else during my studies.

Q: What do you see as your biggest challenge during your board time and how do you plan to master it?

A: The biggest challenge of my office will be that in my post almost 3 previous positions will be merged. As a result of the restructuring of the Management Board according to the strategy, the tasks of Personnel Management, Finance & Law and University Marketing now fall into my area. I can only master this abundance of tasks by finding a strong team that largely supports me in the implementation of all tasks and goals. I have already started building the core team and we are already working hard on our first project, recruiting.

Q: The structure of the association has changed and the board offices have also been restructured. What opportunities and risks do you see here?

A: Bringing HR management and university marketing together in a single position makes it much easier to coordinate campus activities and members. The new structure gives me a better overview of the available resources, both monetary and personnel, and thus enables me to plan the fiscal year in a more structured way. In addition, the expenses for members can be better adapted to the current number of members and the account balance.

Q: As every year we will recruit new candidates again this year. What is your strategy for recruiting profitably this year?

A: My predecessor in Human Resource Management did a great job in the preparation. This allows me to take over the existing processes and maintain contacts with professors. This will enable us to conduct many visits to lectures and thus appeal to a wide audience. It is important to us that every course of study is attended once so that we can maintain the existing diversity within the association. In addition, we will also be present at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts this semester in order to offer these students the opportunity to get involved in an association in addition to their studies.

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