Your benefits as a member of Janus Consultants e.V.

Real Work Experience

Real Customers, Real Business, Real Remuneration – Not just case studies

Build your Network

Get to know national and international students from different courses of study as well as potential employers

Prepare for Working Life

Get familiar with working in projects – forming part of an interdisciplinary team – and strengthen your soft skills and appearance

Get to Practice

Get to apply your theoretical university knowledge

Try Out

Come up with your own ideas, get feedback on them and learn out of it

Learn something new

Participate in national and international workshops, trainings, talks and working groups

Easy getting in

Start independently from your academic progress or orientation – anytime during the semester

Work in a Junior Enterprise

Participate in the departments, help deciding in the assembly or commit as a board member

Be part of a community

Get to know our friendly members and take part in many social events

Our resorts

Quality management

Janus Consultants e. V. offers its customers and members added value through interdisciplinary and innovative project work. The quality management department enables continuous monitoring of the goals and quality of the work of Janus Consultants e. V. and compliance with the guidelines of our umbrella organization.


In the Finance & Law department, we first discuss all the financial and legal issues facing the association. We answer these questions and, if necessary, also give the association a recommendation for action on how best to handle the requested situation.


Marketing offers challenges that demand creativity as well as analytical competencies. Here you can get in touch with people and institutions, organize, write, photograph, visualize, program, develop innovative solutions, and bring in diverse ideas according to your potential.


The Acquisition and Networks unit is engaged in recruiting new curators and partners for Janus Consultants e.V. and keeping in touch with our existing ones. The goal is always to create added value for the club, for example through interesting events.

Human resource

The main tasks of the personnel department consist of recruitment, training of members and the organization of club activities such as training or teambuilding.


The department digital deals with the installation, administration and maintenance of the IT infrastructure of the association. Among other things, this is the website and intranet, Office 365, and SharePoint and other tools.

Board members

AN tran


The CEO is responsible for the coordination. She directs and coordinates the work of the board members and moderates the meetings of the association and general assemblies. She is also responsible for the strategic and long-term orientation of Janus Consultants e.V.

robin knop


The Acquisition & Network Management Board is the first point of contact for customers of Janus Consultants e.V. He is responsible for the acquisition and implementation of consulting projects. He is also responsible for the care of the curators and the corporate contacts of Janus Consultants e.V.

Quality management


The Management Board QM reviews and supports the appropriate Janus Consultants e.V. in all matters. He bears the overall responsibility for the process management and the continuous development of the association.

timo thiel

Finance & Law

One of the most important tasks of the Finance & Legal Board is the accounting, from which the budget planning is derived. He is the first point of contact for financial and legal issues.

minh vu

Human resource

The Personnel Management Board is responsible for personnel planning and development within Janus Consultants e.V. He is also responsible for recruiting and is the contact person for interested students. 

OLja knobloch


The Marketing Director is responsible for the representation of Janus Consultants e.V. Both in-club and university-internal as well as in front of companies and the general public. She is the first contact for the press.

our curators

Our network

Our represented courses

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Social sciences


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Social Pedagogy




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