Become a part of Janus Consultants!

At Janus Consultants, we do not only focus on personal development, but also help you to build your own network and bring the everyday life of a consultant closer to you.

Would you finally like to apply and use the theory in praxis? With us, you have the chance to apply your learned knowledge through diverse projects and cases with our curators. This way, you will gain your first practical experience and learn new skills.

What we offer you: further education

An experienced Janus member will be assigned to you at the beginning of your traineeship and will assist you as your mentor. With his help, you will have an easy start at Janus and you will be supported in every respect when it comes to questions, challenges and first successes.

Our national umbrella organization, the Confederation of German Junior Enterprises (BDSU), offers you workshops and training courses that will bring you great added value in your studies and career.

Expand your personal and professional network already during your studies!

At BDSU congresses you will get to know other student management consultancies from all over Germany with whom you can exchange experiences. The same applies to events organized by the international umbrella organization JEE, the Junior Enterprises Europe, where you can also expand your network on an international level.

We give you the opportunity to get to know regional and supra-regional companies and thus expand your professional network. We are in close contact with well-known companies that are among the most attractive management consultancies in Lower Saxony and Germany. You will work in external and remunerated projects and gain valuable practical experience.

You will also network with our curators Deloitte, 67rockwell and Consileon as well as our partner MLP. Close cooperation with our curators enables us to offer case studies and workshops that will provide you with further training. This is how you learn from experienced consultants.

In addition to external training, we also offer a wide range of internal training opportunities. Our internal workshops range from Excel training to presentation technique training. You will also take part in our teambuilding weekend at the beginning of your traineeship, which will prepare you for your future project work.

Your commitment pays off here!

We offer you a platform to implement your ideas and knowledge in projects and within the association. This is how you enter the consulting world early and gain your first practical experience in the business. Your membership and commitment to Janus will lay the foundation for your successful career. That is because your commitment outside the university offers you a steep learning curve and your chances of advancement in your professional career increase.

The network concept is an essential component of student consultancies. Team spirit and motivation are the basis here, which is why we regularly hold social events and club meetings. We are more than just an association because we also develop strong friendships. Therefore we help, strengthen and motivate each other. Not to forget, club life is fun! Fireplace evenings, summer parties, congresses, going out for dinner together, playing laser tag or simply enjoying the evening together; the fun factor also counts!

Would you like to find out more about Janus Consultants?

Then we look forward to getting to know you at our half-yearly information evening and to answering your questions in a personal conversation.

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