Interview with the new Chairman of the Board Lasse Voss

Facts about our Chairman of the Board

  • Lasse Voss
  • Chairman of the Board and Member of the Board for Public Relations and Network
  • 22 years young
  • B. Sc. industrial engineer in the 6th semester
  • Member of Janus for two years

Q: How was your start in office as the Chairman of the Board?

A: The first time in office was very turbulent, as it was marked by several handovers from my predecessors. The restructuring of the business areas gave input from various departments, which had to be processed first. In addition, in my first days as Chairman of the Board, I got to know all our curator representatives and exchanged initial ideas with them about events for cooperation in the coming year – extremely promising!

Q: What goals have you set yourself for your time on the board?

A: To be honest, the goals, for the time being, are mainly of a personal nature, as the actual board goals will only be set in the next few weeks in close exchange with the association. However, I can give you a preview of our cooperation and branding: Particularly in the region, we need to expand our presence and strengthen relationships in order to mark Janus as a consulting partner. In addition, we are far from finished with internationalization and reaching the benchmark! On a personal level, I am interested in maturing, experiencing the association with all its facets, taking responsibility for strategic decisions and shaping the upcoming change.

Q: Why is now the right time for you to become a board member?

A: I consider the year of office 19/20 to be particularly interesting, as the association is highly motivated. Over the last few years, we have grown steadily in all respects and were in the finals for winning an award both on the national and international stage. I would like to continue this steep development in my time as chairman of the board! In addition, a congress with more than 300 student consultants will take place in Hanover in spring 2020, the preparation of which will be a further exciting component of the board year.

Q: What do you see as your biggest challenge during your time on the board and how do you plan to master it?

A: To do justice to everything equally will be one of the greatest challenges for me. It will certainly not be easy to reconcile your studies and private life with Janus. But I am convinced that with appropriate planning and foresight everything can be done and nothing is neglected. In terms of content, I see the establishment of the Public Relations Department as a major task. But also there the association will strengthen my back, I am sure!

Q: The structure of the association has changed and so the board offices have also been restructured. What opportunities and risks do you see here?

A: On the one hand, I see the danger that the “evaporation” from six to four board positions can lead to a faster operational overload on the board because the transfer of tasks does not count on such change from one day to the next. Nevertheless, I believe that Janus has such a strong structure with the Advisory Council, mentors and committed members that this phase can also be mastered well. On the other hand, there are several advantages associated with restructuring, the list of which would probably go beyond the scope of this report. What should be emphasized is the fact that the areas of responsibility are clearly defined and that the operational management (department heads) has given more responsibility to individual members. I also see enormous development potential outside the Board!

Q: What skills would you like or need to acquire for the position of 1st Chairman?

A: I think you learn leadership through practical application and direct feedback. So far I have only been able to acquire this to a limited extent as Head of Finance & Law – this will change quickly with the office as the Chairman of the Board and I am already looking forward to this! Furthermore, the ability to motivate members to do their best will be a decisive factor for success and fun at Janus. Apart from that, I would like to further professionalize my appearance and thus the representation of the association to the outside world. I am convinced that the experience anchored in the association can and will support me in all matters.

Q: Has Janus already changed your circle of friends? And how do you think it will change in the future as you now have more to do?

A: My circle of friends has seriously expanded! At the beginning of my studies, I had – of course besides my school friends of many years – predominantly only contact to direct fellow students from my course of studies in the same semester. Since my time with Janus, my circle of friends has become much more diverse: From students in the first semester to students who are about to graduate, everything is there – from various courses of study! In the future, it will certainly expand even more, especially through participation in the board conferences of the Confederation of German Junior Enterprises (BDSU e. V.), where all the chairmen of the student management consultancies work closely together.

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