Interview with Member of the Board for technichal Management Lorenz Dobmeier

Facts about our Member of the board for technichal Management

  • Lorenz Dobmeier
  • Facts about our Member of the board for technichal Management(digital and qualitymanagement)
  • 22 years young
  • B.Sc. Applied computer science 8th semester

Q: How was your start in the office as board member for technical management?

A: The new year for the Management Board has started well for me. Above all, a problem-free handover and the support of the Advisory Board and the former Executive Board ensured that I was able to concentrate on the main difficulties of the office and familiarize myself well.

Q: What goals have you set yourself for your board time?

A: The role of computers in our age is immense. Therefore, as a computer scientist, I see it as my task to prepare our student management consultancy for the digital requirements of the coming years.

Q: Why is now the right time for you to become a board member?

A: I consider the year of office 19/20 to be particularly interesting, since a high motivation prevails in the association. In recent years, we have grown steadily in all respects and were in the finals for winning an award both on the national and international stage. I would like to continue this steep development in my time as chairman of the board! In addition, a congress with more than 300 student consultants will take place in Hanover in spring 2020, the preparation of which will be a further exciting component of the board year.

Q: Why is now the right time for you to become a board member?

A: For me there was and is no right time to become a board member. Before the election I didn’t feel ready for such a task. But when are you ready for it? I decided to do so because I know from other people’s reports that many new experiences await me as a board member and that I can shape the association in the long term with my ideas. My abilities and previous experiences fit well to the requirements of the office. There I saw my chance and dared the step.

Q: What do you see as your biggest challenge during your board time and how do you plan to master it?

A: There are many challenges in the club that need to be mastered. Audit, MZA, the development of the Digital Department. None of them is unaffordable. But the greatest personal challenge is to develop myself in order to do justice to the office from the association’s point of view.

Q: This year the BDSU audit is due. What strategy do you have to successfully pass the audit again?

A: The audit is less about your own strategy than about the work of the divisions and project teams. Once all internal processes have been carried out conscientiously, we will have little time and effort to prepare for the audit.

Q: Of course, the board office also brings a lot of work with it and you also do a lot of other things. How do you plan your day as a board member in addition to projects, studies and work?

A: I try to be as flexible as possible by not scheduling a day completely with fixed dates. So far this has worked well. In addition, I hand over a large part of my operational responsibility to department heads and members. Trust in members is therefore particularly important so that I can concentrate on strategic tasks.

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