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Janus Consultants e. V. offers you a variety of association work from workshops and projects to the chance to become a board member!

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How does the process from application to membership works?

  • informnation event

    On our info evening you can take the chance to get to know your future club better. In addition to champagne and soft drinks, our partners Deloitte and 67rockwell will be there for you to talk to extensively. Don't be shy! We are all looking forward to welcoming you.

    The dates for the next info evenings are as follows:
    23.10.19 at the Hochschule Hannover (Fischerhof) Room 1H.0.0.8 at 17:30.
    As well as at the Leibniz University (Conti-Campus) in the Niedersachsensaal also at 17:30.
    Only after the info. evening the 4-5 active application phase begins. More information will be provided online and on the Info Evening!

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  • Apply and Assessment Center

    You have sent your letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae and, of course, your matriculation certificate to the e-mail address: and have received an invitation to the Assessment Center? Perfect!
    Then prove yourself and your skills at the Assessment Center and become a part of the club! If it didn't work out this time, you can of course apply again every semester.

    If you have been successfully accepted, you will be assigned an experienced Janusler as mentor who will support you. He will assist you with words and deeds and introduce you to our association.

  • Teambuilding-weekend

    On these weekends, you will learn all the most important skills and information to start directly as a consultant!
    So, what are we waiting for, let's start with your first consulting project!

  • internal Project

    Well, you're still on your way to becoming a member of the club. Therefore, after your teambuilding weekend, you are a "candidate". You get an internal project in which you expand your skills and practice what you have learned. This phase lasts a maximum of six months and offers you a lot of added value! You will also take part in our club meetings and can take on internal tasks. What counts is your commitment, you decide how much you want to invest in yourself. Once you have completed the candidate project, only the membership interview is still missing.
    Done! You are now a full member of Janus Consultants, congratulations!

  • External Projects

    From now on you can apply for a project you would like to participate in and your first external project can start!

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