An Tran talks about her experiences as a chairwoman

Chairwoman of the Board (2018/2019)

After a successful year as chairwoman of the association Janus Consultants e. V., An Tran hands over its tasks to a successor in two days.

In this interview, she reports about her experiences, special events, and her area of responsibility.

Which tasks does the board of Janus accomplish?

An: “The board team has the task to lead the association strategically and to advance its continuous development. While my colleagues coordinated one department at a time, I was allowed to lead the board team and represent the association externally. We make important decisions, always with the focus on the long-term orientation of the association. In addition, the preservation of the association’s culture, the resolution of conflicts and a certain role model function are among the challenges of the board office at Janus. Our focus is always on the business areas of Janus – the satisfaction of the members and the customers, as well as the care of our network.


What were your motivations for the position of Chairwoman of the Board?


An: “When I took up the position of Chairwoman of the Board, I was already active at Janus for two years and have taken on tasks and gained experience in many areas. In the end, however, I did not feel that I belonged to any individual department, but had already taken on a “generalist role” and had a good overview of the association. This is one of the reasons why I decided for this position. I had long been tempted to take on management tasks that showed diplomatic skill, and so I was able to give something back to the association. The greatest motivation, however, was to develop myself personally and to grow with new challenges; the tasks and responsibilities of a board office are ideal for this. I was also a bit curious about what the last board members before me had been through.”


What did you enjoy the most in your year on the Board?


An: “In my work, I found it particularly exciting to form a unified team from the members of the Board. Working with different characters, in particular, enabled me to learn a lot about leadership and motivation. I was also able to take along a lot of the external representation of the association, for example in our umbrella organization, the BDSU e. V., through the great responsibility for my personal growth. It is a great advantage to be able to try out new things, not only in my position as a member of the Board but also in my work with Janus in general. Through my position and the support of my team, I could carry some new ideas and perspectives into the association’s work. I also noticed how much we in the association profit from the cooperation and push each other forward. I am particularly proud of the development of my board team over the year. I am happy to have observed them!


What is your highlight from the board year?


An: “One of my personal highlights is the execution of the last recruiting phase. We were able to celebrate an extremely successful information evening and welcome many promising candidates. I was also very pleased with the large number of members who attended the information evening and were able to exchange ideas with interested parties. Naturally, it is also something special, as a member of the Board, to recruit new candidates, encourage them, and observe their development


What would you like to pass on something to interested students?


An: “Just do it! My commitment to Janus has not only enriched me on a personal level, but has also contributed a lot to my knowledge in the areas of self-management, motivation, and leadership. Here you can contribute and implement your ideas, make mistakes and outgrow yourself. Our focus is on promoting the growth of our members. In addition it is a good opportunity to get to know students from different study courses, to expand the network, and simply to have fun!

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