About Janus Consultants e.V.

Our history

The success story of Janus is more than 25 years old.

It all began in 1991, when the two then students T. Barth and M. Eickhoff were working on projects from the business world in a CLP (Civil law partnership) parallel to their studies. Two years later, in 1993, they founded the association Janus e.V. with their basic idea of combining the theory of university with business practice. This laid the foundation for what is currently Germany’s third-largest student consultancy.

In the following years, the former non-profit organization with its patron Prof. Dr. Steinle worked extensively on its degree of popularity. New logos followed and the first website was already launched in 1998. Until 2006, the organization was structured into four areas in which each member adopted a specific role in the association.

For the first time in 2007, the admission requirements for new members were extended with the help of a professional application procedure. Open to every field of study, the goal was reached for designing the image of Janus e. V. as an association that consisted of highly motivated and interdisciplinary students.

In 2009 the association changed its name to Janus Consultants e.V.. It was decided to abandon its status as a non-profit organization. The Pursue of its development into a successful student  consultancy became the new strategy.

In the years 2011 and 2014, association structures were changed, tasks were bundled into departments and a professional assessment center for applicants was introduced.

Janus Consultants e. V. has staffed more than 450 consultants on 300 projects within 25 years. In this time more than 2500 consultant days were achieved. Today, the association enjoys a steadily growing membership base, new curators and numerous enquiries from external customers.

Our values

Entrepreneurial thinking

We think for others, work in a structured and methodical way. A holistic perspective on problems, internally and externally, enables individual solutions with sustainable benefits. The “over-deliver” principle always applies.


Our professional, thorough and conscientious way of working enables us to achieve results of the highest quality. This is guaranteed by the sound training of our members and certified quality management.


Professionalism in action and appearance is our highest maxim. That is why we are organized like a company. Only our student status distinguishes us from other service providers in the economy.


The readiness and the will to make a difference unites all our members. Commitment and initiative are the basis of our lives in the association. We take responsibility for ourselves and for others. Always with the aim to grow as a person.

Team spirit

A team is more than the sum of the individual members. We carry out both our association and project work in interdisciplinary and diverse teams, which are characterized by mutual respect and open communication.

Our Mission

So that students and companies are to be brought together and a unique added value is created for both. We, students, are part of a globally connected movement and would like to change something with new perspectives. In this way, we can inspire our customers and, as a regional partner, offer innovative methods and the latest findings from research and science. In joint projects, we work responsibly and combine our goals: the further development of our customers and our members.

Our vision

A regional consultancy that is connected worldwide and develops personalities.

Janus Consultants e. V.

Our personal curators

Prof. Dr. Stefan Helber

Institute for Production Economics

Prof. Dr. Marcel Prokopczuk

Institute for Financial Market Theory

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Ortmaier

Institute for Mechatronic Systems

Our curators

Our network

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