The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.
Dr. Linus Pauling


... to our Junior Enterprise Janus Consultants e. V. from Hanover.
Janus Consultants e. V. consists of students from both the Leibniz University of Hanover and the Hochschule Hannover. Our Junior Entrepreneurs use their academic knowledge from different fields of study and apply it in all kinds of projects in the real world of economy.

Our Values


Thanks to our professional, thorough and conscientious way to work, our results are of the highest quality. This standard is ensured by a profound training of our members as well as a certified quality management.


Our highest maxim is the professionalism in the way we act and appear. For that reason we are organized just like a business. The only thing that differs us from other consultancies is the fact that we are students.


Janus Consultants e. V. is a platform for networking. We believe in exchanging knowledge in order to broaden our horizon. Moreover, we know that networking is very important for a successful career.


Our members are taking responsibility at an earlier stage than regular students and therefore see the effectiveness of their actions. The maxims of our consulting are respect, obligation and integrity

Team Spirit

A team is much more than just the sum of its individuals. When working on our internal and external projects together, we value open communication as well as a respectful contact between the team members.

Our Vision

We want our members to have the best possible start into their career. Working for us, students have the chance to evolve personally as well as professionally. Thanks to our network, our consultants are able to get in contact with different economic representatives. Since Janus Consultants e. V. sees itself as an initiator for new strategic directions and innovative problem solving, we create a concrete added value for our clients. For that reason your business gets an external view on a professional and impartial base.


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